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Working with startups is the quickest path to innovation ROI.

Techpublic is a next-gen model for corporate+startup collaboration.


Big bets and large scale innovation initiatives are the death knell for organizations who fear disruption. Little bets and speed to market are the smarter way to stay ahead.

We observed that startup partnerships, when properly executed, are the fastest and most cost-effective way to innovate. Our approach focuses on core business innovation challenges and scouts globally for mid-stage tech startups who are ready to pilot with you. Not only that, we support you through the awkward "what do we do now?" phase, leading to more market impact, faster.

We also recognize the value of accelerating learning via the cohort model. Not only are startups engaged through a cohort, but our member corporations work alongside other corporations in the Techpublic Global Network, sharing leading edge thinking and best practices to accelerate growth.

Final note...inviting your innovators to look outside and seek extraordinary ways of working is a trojan horse to the cultural changes and breakthrough discoveries your organization needs not only to avoid disruption, but be the disruptor.

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